Accounts Information Services API enables you to access to real-time account, transactions account information and provides you with up-market experiences. These services enable the calling applications to authenticate themselves and access general account information, account holder name, transactions (description, amount and booking date).

The API Documentation consists of the below information:


Refers to the resources, operations that are permitted on those resources and required identifiers, request parameters.

Security, Access Control or Scope

Specifies the means for AISPs and PSUs to authenticate themselves and provide consent.

How to obtain access and information

This specification describes the Account Information and Transaction API flows and payloads. The API endpoints described here allow an AISP to:

  1. Register an intent to retrieve account information by creating an "account request". This registers the data "permissions", expiration and transaction history timeframe the customer (PSU) has consented to provide to the AISP; and
  2. Subsequently, retrieve account and transaction data.